FAQ for B2B clients


What are your operational hours?

The clinic itself works 24/7, working days and holidays alike. However, the Telemedi Customer Service is operational Monday to Friday 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM CET, Saturday to Sunday 08:00-AM – 08:00 PM CET.

How can I book a consultation for a patient?

To book a consultation, log into the platform with your username and password. Then add a new consultation.

How can I log into the platform?

Please go to your platform link (the usual format goes like this: companyname.telemedi.co/en/clinic-operator/login). Use your login credentials there. If you have questions or need further assistance, send an email to [email protected]

Can I modify the consultation channel?

No, it is not possible. You need to cancel the wrong consultation and then book a new one with the correct channel.

What can Telemedi do for our patients?

Our practice shows us that over 80% of typical medical emergencies can be solved through teleconsultations. They cover symptoms like headache, fever, muscle pain, dizziness, flu, allergies and many more.

In which countries are your services available?

We can provide teleconsultations all around the world except for Canada, China, North and South Korea.

In which countries can you issue a prescription?

Please click here to see the prescription availability.

How can I get the medical report?

Log into the platform, go to the consultations list, find the consultation you need and download the medical report from there.

How to check if the doctor issued reports or prescriptions?

You will find such information in the consultation history. Please go to consultation list, find the consultation you need and  click  .

I forgot my password.

Please use the password reset function or contact us at [email protected]

How can I get help with technical issues?

Send an email to [email protected]. You will get an automated confirmation that we received your message. We will reply to you in a maximum of two hours within our operational time.

In urgent cases, you can call us at +48 22 357 45 35 (exclusive number with English speaking operator) in our operational hours (see the first question).


How does the patient get their prescription or medical documentation?

Tell the patient to log into their account after the consultation. All the medical documentation is available on the patient’s profile. 

Can patients receive the documentation by email?

No. Due to security reasons – we maintain high standards of personal data protection – all medical documentation is only available on our platform.

How can the patient log into the platform?

Once the consultation is booked by the call centre, the patient will get confirmation by email and text message. Both confirmations will contain a login link, an username and a temporary password that needs to be changed during the first login. Typical link for patients to log in looks like this: companyname.telemedi.co/en/user/login

How to attend the consultation?


Before the consultation, the patient will receive a call with the IVR regulations. These regulations must be accepted by the patient, otherwise the consultation will be cancelled. The doctor will call the patient at the appointment time. After the consultation, if the patient wants to see their medical documentation, they need to log into the patient’s account.

Chat and video

10 minutes before the consultation, the patient should log into the platform. They should enter the tab “Consultations List” and choose the current consultation. After the doctor issues the documentation, your patient will be able to download it.

Can the patient contact the doctor after the consultation?

Yes, the patient can ask one additional question to the doctor within the first 24 hours after the consultation. They do it directly on the platform, in a given consultation.

How do I reset the patient’s password?

You can reset the patient’s password from the patients list in the operator panel. Your patients can also use the Forgot Password? option, available upon login.

How can the patient change their information?

Tell the patient to log into their account and find the tab Settings and account details. There the patient will be able to change all details.

How to upload a document or a file before the consultation?

The patient should log into their account, find the upcoming consultation, and then use the “Upload” button. They will be able to upload images and PDF files.

Is it possible to delete an attached file or document?

No. Once the patient attaches a file, it is NOT possible to delete it.

Does the patient need to be in front of the computer during the consultation?

If the chosen consultation channel is phone, then no, the patient does not have to be in front of the computer. The doctor will call the provided phone number.

For chat or video consultations, though, the patient has to log in first. Patients can use PCs, tablets or smartphones. In the case of the iOS system, we recommend using Safari.